Full HD
Camera facing the road

Full HD 1080P camera with 140° adjustable wide-angle lens... you'll never miss what's happening on the road

Camera facing the driver

720P HD infrared camera with adjustable wide angle for optimal video capture at night.

Simple installation

Quick and easy installation. Less than 20 minutes are enough to fix the camera (high resistance adhesive), to connect it on the electric beam and to adjust it thanks to the image return on the screen of the camera.

Enhanced security

The slots for the SIM card and the 128GB SD card are secured by screws to preserve data integrity. The camera cannot be disconnected by the driver.

Manual alert

The camera is equipped with a button that the driver can activate and thus trigger an alert. The alert will be recorded on the platform and the video stream visible to the manager.

Rugged design

The components of the camera have been selected to resist thermal shocks, summer and winter.


A powerful Artificial Intelligence

Sensors (infrared for night) associated with algorithms detect distractions while driving and generate alerts whose video streams are accessible from the platform.

Audible alerts
and visuals on board

In-vehicle warnings encourage drivers to improve their driving behavior.

Optimized connectivity

4G connectivity and integrated WiFi hotspot

Parking mode

The integrated battery, with an autonomy of 8 hours, allows the camera to be turned on automatically when an event or a collision is detected.

Continuous recording

The images are recorded in real time on the SD card 128 GB integrated in the camera and on our servers. For permanent preservation, you can save the videos on your computer.

Real-time broadcasting

View the images live (facing the road or facing the driver).

Respect for confidentiality

SECURICAM respects the guidelines of the RGPD and the privacy of drivers. The platform allows the configuration of the cameras and the general parameters of use.