Optimize the safety of your drivers

  • Increased driver safety
  • Improvement of driving behaviors
  • Visibility on critical events
  • Reduction of the loss ratio

A complete hardware and software solution

Stay connected in all circumstances

An optimized dual camera
and easy to install

The 1080p HD camera facing the road and the 720p camera facing the driver record continuously. The images are stored locally on a 128GB SD card and sent to our servers.

Detection of risky behaviors

The cameras benefit from artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms that analyze driver behavior and detect risks: phone use, non-use of seat belts, distraction and fatigue.... Alerts are generated for each detected event.

A connected platform for analysis and event management

Your platform allows you to track your vehicles' journeys and to view and save video streams. You set up alerts and save videos. Statistics and reports complete your management tool.

Visible and immediate benefits

driving behaviors

of claims and insurance premiums

on events

Objective evidence in case of litigation

SECURICAM is a brand of Optimum International Development,

a specialist in connected vehicles, created in 2006 and present on 3 continents.